© Désorceler la Finance - Jonas-Verbeke

© Désorceler la Finance - Anna Muchin

© Désorceler la Finance - Jonas Verbeke

© Désorceler la Finance - Jonas Verbeke

Le Cabinet de Curiosités économiques

"It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism" says the American theorist Frédéric Jameson [1].

It is therefore essential at a time of hegemonic and unequal reign of finance to challenge us and imagine the very end of this paradigm and what will succeed it. Given that everything is possible and unthinkable today, let’s draw the active fictions of our time that will transform the course of things.

Le Cabinet de Curiosités économiques is an utopian/fictional journey through the ruins of capitalism. Through the distanced gaze of anticipation, it goes through the relics of this model,  its symbols, images, speeches, instruments of power,  highlight new modes of representation and living forces which have contributed to its oblivion and decline, and by activating together the possible world that comes after it. With the fabulation, the staging and the compilation of common and ordinary objects, archives and multidisciplinary works of artists and amateurs that the exhibition will dissect the capitalocene aberration contradicting the often overpowering assertion that “there is no alternative“.

[1] According to Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism, 2009; the quote is attributed to both Fredric Jameson, The Seeds of Time (New York: Columbia University Press, 1994) and Slavoj Žižek, “The Spectre of Ideology.” In Mapping Ideology, ed. Slavoj Žižek (New York: Verso, 1994).


Curators Camille Lamy and Amandine Faugère

Camille Lamy (design researcher) and Amandine Faugère (art worker) are both activists and curators at the Laboratoire sauvage de recherches expérimentales “Désorceler la finance”, where they lead artistic projects, sorcerers and activists.

“Désorceler la finance” is a Brussels based self-proclaimed organisation, fighting against the deleterious effects of the capital-sorcerer power, through multiple forms (rituals, conference-performances,and cartomancy, exhibitions) to propose new images and horizons. Composed of researchers and collaborators in all areas of art and civic life, its actions dissect, deconstruct and interfere in the dominant and opaque discourse of finance experts. With the aim to break the state of impediment, of restraint, of stunned powerlessness, of bewitchment in which this discourse keeps us, as well as to give back to everyone strength, the capacity to act, and free the imagination.

It is through this desire to put forward the multiplicity of views, projects and imaginations that we invite in this exhibition projects by artists, designers, performers, activists.