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DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult

Antenna Gods

DinahBird born in London (1975) and Jean-Philippe Renoult born in Paris (1967) are sound and radio artists based in Paris. Their practice exerts aesthetic, memory and social relations through handling, orthodox or devious, of historical transmission technologies: gramophone, radio wave, tape recorder, antenna, transistor, ghetto blaster, submarine cable,… Dinah and Jean-Philippe undermine their uses, their myths.

Their productions and mediations include lectures, listening sessions, electroacoustic works, sound installations, radio creations, photographic snapshots and performances that activate different communication protocols. Adept in the field, they develop recording situations and sound re-injections games with the peculiarities of the place or society they are studying.

The “Antenna Gods” project was born in 2016. For this composite project on “the sound of finance”, Bird & Renoult distinguish an alignment of microwave antennas between the Frankfurt and London stock exchanges and materialize its radio spectrum of ordinary inaudible.

Antenna Gods is a project that questions the decision-making capacity of the algorithm in international stock exchange radio transactions.