© Cléa Di Fabio

© Cléa Di Fabio

Cléa Di Fabio

Cléa Di Fabio (Caen, 1994) studied design until 2016 at ESAD TALM in Angers. Following her Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique, she joined the Cycle Design Recherche where she was a student-researcher until 2019. During her studies, she questioned the political and social challenges of design.

Now a designer of objects, spaces and a curator, she explores the ways of a counter-fictional design capable of dismantling dominant fictions and activating others.

The work she presents, (no) more value (2016), is a series of euro coins whose value is erased. These coins lose their status as a currency of exchange and become a fetish that is preciously preserved. The pieces obtained through this process paradoxically acquire more value at the same time as the mark attesting to it disappears. They thus demonstrate the absurd nature of our relationship to money and the abstraction that finance represents.