© Goldin+Senneby - aftermicrosoft


Goldin+Senneby is a Stockholm-based artist subject. Since 2004 their work has explored the structural correspondence between conceptual art and finance capital, drawn to its (il)logical conclusions. Recent works include a ghostwritten detective novel about an offshore company on the Bahamas (2007-2015), a magic trick for the financial markets (2016) and a proposal for an eternal employment at a train station (2026-). Currently their practice is mutating: Drawing on bodily experiences of an autoimmune disease, they are staging a fiction with an ”autoimmune tree” as the main protagonist.

After Microsoft (2006 -2007) revisits the site for the default wallpaper in Windows XP, a green hill with blue sky and cumulus clouds which became the most distributed image ever. The re-photographed view is presented together with a 3 min voice-over that tells the story of a January day in the late 1990’s when this hill came to coincide with a global branding strategy.

The work is in the collection of Malmö Konstmuseum since 2018.