RYBN.ORG is an artistic, experimental and independent research platform created in 1999, and based in Paris. The collective follows an “extra-disciplinary” investigation methodology, on the functioning of complex and esoteric phenomena and systems – high frequency trading algorithms, architecture of the offshore economy, the structure of financial markets, hermeneutics of the Kabbalah, protocols management of communications networks, computer viruses, etc. 

On the basis of these investigations, RYBN.ORG produces devices which evolve beyond the artistic field alone, from a process of intrusion and contamination, in order to integrate environments and terrains where these objects are able to generate particular resonances: social networks, financial markets, patents, radio-electromagnetic spectrum.



ADM XI is a collection of heretical and irrational trading algorithms, devised by artists and non-financial professionals. These algorithms are pitted against each other in fierce competition in a marketplace organised and hosted by RYBN.ORG.

ADMXI presents algorithms which will be produced by b01, Femke Herregraven, Brendan Howell, Martin Howse, Nicolas Montgermont, Horia Cosmin Samoila, Antoine Schmitt, Marc Swynghedauw, Suzanne Treister.

ADM XI presents itself above all as an independent platform for research and expression in algorithmic engineering of experimental trading. The originality and the unique aspect of his approach are based on the exploitation of the vision and the know-how of the artists in order to imagine automated strategies of investment and speculation counter-intuitive and avant-garde, which challenge the neo-classical economic dogma.

Here, the interactions of these algo-traders in the markets are not governed by a desire for profit. They can be decided by means of living organisms, esoteric mathematical formulas, or as a result from the observation of supra-terrestrial natural phenomena. Models pursue their own logic, for non-profit purposes: algorithms try to instigate total and irreversible chaos, to influence the market price to make it look like a given shape, or to saturate markets with non-human effects.

ADM XI is part of the Antidatamining series (2006), and closes the trilogy on algorithmic finance initiated with ADM 8 (2011) and continued with ADM X, The Algorithmic Trading Freakshow (2013).

ADMXI is co-produced by the Jeu de Paume (Paris) at the invitation of Inke Arns, with the support of DICRéAM, Labomedia and Espace Multimedia Gantner. ADMXI received the jury prize of the Net based award 2017 organized by Kunstbulletin and HeK.