Djtal Humain

Trained as an Arts and Trades Engineer, Djtal Humain (aka PIASECZNY Rémy, born in 1979, died in 2020) invented in 2012 the Djtalizeur Machine which allows the experience of Djtalisation: digital interactivity videotriping dance and music. Resident at the Pôle Pixel de Villeurbanne in 2013, he gives access to the digital substance to thousands of habitants in the Rhône-Alpes region during parties or festivals and creates the Djtal Institute. In 2014, he participated in the Rétronofutur Festival working alongside creators of contemporary or traditional video games from the collective of game designers One Life Remains. He then joined Soft in Ivry to offer the djtale experience at the heart of Techno music and Djs in particular with Josy Full Vibes through the radio show Enter the Vibes. Following this, he created with other artists the Squat Yellow Box, founding a human machine refuge and an imaginary city called New Ivry of which he is the mayor and confronts the Grand Paris project. In 2018, he joined the collective project Title à Venir. Several residencies at the Attrape-Couleur de Lyon, at the MAC Pérouges and at the Contemporary Art Center of Lacoux allow him to write the Codex of the Infernal Void and also the first monetary printing of the Djtos, the sovereign currency of the machine territory of  Djtal Humain. Thanks to Djtos, he exhibits the Galakéconomizateur at the Passerelles de Pontault Combault, an automatic distributor of decapitalizing money. He also founded the Decapitalism Movement at the heart of the Yellow Vest movement. He provides Super Photon with the Yellow Notes in order to capture and remunerate the benevolent and creative forces that make up the movement.


The DJTOS Project:


The djtos is an alternative currency. The djtos circulates in the djtal space. The djtos is a digital work of art. The djtos rewards hidden work. The djtos pays for a new job. The djtos is a tool used and usable in the Djtale Tribe. The djtos is a value of the undetected. The djtos is a common one. The djtos make up for a loss sometimes. The djtos always designates a micro belief. The djtos designates a cryptologik quantik land. The djtos designates an internextik domain number. The djtos tells part of a transmediatik story from the Titire a Venir. The djtos is an interconnected protomyth. The djtos is virtual or internectik. The djtos is vertical and subrealistic. The djtos are distributed coloring themselves bought stealing falsifying taking a picture sharing  the algorithmik programming, mainly French-speaking and also English-speaking. Djtos is a game that contains gambling. The djtos is an open resource. It is written in a Medzopotamik language with an alphabet of strictly more than 26 letters called the language of the Night. The djtos draws its power from the iconographik and semiologik sap that flows through its visual code. The djtos is magik transmediatik legal political ethik ethnik marveling emancipative. The djtos has an oridjine. The djtos has a predjtos. The djtos have a price in euros of 7.5 euros. The djtos is a party cult of the missing money supply.


He gains value when he is technicolor.

It gains value when it is distorted.

It gains value when it is hacked.

It gains value when it is duplicated propagated.

The djtos is not an ordinary currency. The djtos is community. The djtos is militant. The djtos are popular.