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Patricia KAISER

Patricia KAISER

© Patricia KAISER


Born in 1963 in Rocourt (Belgium).
Lives and works in Liège.


A graduate sculptor of the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège and winner of the Prize for Young Sculpture in the open air awarded by the French Community, Patricia Kaiser uses photography, amongst other forms of artistic expression like on-site installations or sound, to create a polymorphous work. Disappearance, memory and trace appear there like mirrors stretching towards an unattainable self-portrait. To the three dimensions, Patricia Kaiser ceaselessly adds a fourth dimension to her work, that of time, which thwarts immobility and induces a deep movement of volume, density of matter (in the literal as well as in the figurative sense), where photography is in its proper element.

In “L’a-mur”, a work both elementary in construction and radical in  intention, a confrontation of “two photos in one” whose opposite stance is reduced to an imaginary space, she questions the subject and the exchange, just as much in the obligation of the blossoming of an emotion as in the impossibility of meeting. It disabuses expectations or frustrates appearances, setting up around the relationship between the couple (and the position of a look from a third person) a questioning of the principles of fusion and exclusion.


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