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© Lara Gasparotto


Born 1989 in Liège.
Lives and works in Anthisnes (Belgium).

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At the age of only just 22, and a very recent graduate of the Photo department of ESA Saint-Luc in Liège, Lara Gasparotto paints, sculpts, draws and photographs (virtually exclusively at present). View Photography Magazine’s “Emerging Talents” competition and the 2009  Biennale of Marchin and Le Condroz (“Sweet Sixteen”) have made her work known to an informed public. She was shortlisted for the exhibition “Borders/No Borders – Historical and Contemporary Photography in Belgium” (at the Kommunale Galerie Berlin, then the Centre culturel de Liège - Les Chiroux) and now represented by the Stieglitz 19 gallery, where she regularly shows her work. Her work is also on display in China.

As she interweaves codes, genres and techniques, Lara Gasparotto,   spontaneously, frenziedly and energetically, captures in her daily life and among her intimates - depending on what meetings or more subtle occasions are involved - a mixture of moments which are punk, a bit anarchic, and pinpoint the claim of the woman as well as the provocative sensuality surrounding her. Somewhere between poetry which doesn’t stick too closely to the rules and a thirst for liberty, her photography seduces, stirs or questions the viewer. In March 2012, she will be publishing a first monograph at Yellow Now, in the “Angles vifs” series

Exhibition organised with the collaboration of the Stieglitz 19 gallery (Antwerp).

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