Beata Szparagowska

17.10.2020 – Rituel radio-actif


As part of the Cabinet of Economic Curiosities

RADIO-ACTIVE RITUAL by Désorceler la finance, with GAML

Between magical approach, theatrical performance and political action, new collective rites to transform our economic system and get rid of the hold of finance on our lives. On this October 17th, we will disenchant ourselves from the sorcerer’s power that finance exerts on our health and on the health professions. The radio-active ritual will be followed by an exchange with members of the Collectif La Santé en Lutte.

The Radioactive Ritual of Désorceler la finance is an indoor radio performance. Halfway between a magical ritual and an act of resistance, it engages the metamorphosis of our relationship to capitalist power. The audience, the listeners, are invited to cut the link we have with this power in order to free ourselves from its hold on our lives. This rite of passage gives rise to a real and living collective, capable of resisting the astonishment of disasters and making something new.

The health, economic, social and environmental crisis has exacerbated financial imbalances, inequalities and dysfunctions in the dominant mode of production. It has highlighted the way in which our rights are being violated. It has shown that what is most important, what we value most, starting with our health and that of our loved ones, is no more than an accounting line: apart from applause, little or nothing has been done to change the health system, and commodification continues.

It is time to get rid of vertical management and austerity policies; it is high time to get out of the emergency, out of the reign of the experts, and to facilitate the appropriation by the population of the problems they encounter; to share our knowledge, our resources, our common actions.

The Radioactive Ritual of the disenchantment of finance is based on collective intelligence, opens the imagination and gives the power to bring out alternatives to power and economy.

By the Laboratoire sauvage de recherches expérimentales Désorceler la finance (Wild Laboratory of Experimental Research)

With :

Théo Bourgeron – Brune Campos – Aline Fares – Amandine Faugère – Maxime Lacôme – Arthur Lacomme – Camille Lamy – Vincent Matyn – Emmanuelle Nizou – Fabrice Sabatier – Emilie Siaut – Suzie Suptille


Sa. 17 October, 19:00
Ex-DECATHLON (Rue Féronstrée, 84 – 4000 Liège)

Max. 40 persons
Free of charge, on reservation