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BIP2020's theme question, "what impact does art have on reality? "also brings us back to ourselves... We the spectators who stand in front of the works, and who are also citizens and consumers.

In the globalized world we live in, these two statuses sometimes find themselves in conflict… How can we act civilly and locally when globalized capitalism is so damaging to global resources and the notion of justice? How can we combine the diversity and seductiveness of the offer that is constantly unfolding before us, the pleasure and comfort it gives us, with lucidity and a sense of responsibility?

Many of us feel trapped in these essential but daunting questions, because they often do not have unambiguous answers and no guarantee of effectiveness. Fortunately, there is humour, poetry and the possibility to reappropriate, even on a small scale, our torn consciences.

The artists presented in the project « Le Cabinet de curiosités économiques » (“The Cabinet of Economic Curiosities”) propose some ideas… These include, among other things, de-ensorceling, i.e. understanding the mechanisms underlying a (too) liberal form of economy, visualising the movement of money which can help us better understand its strange omnipresence, convincing experiences of resistance, irony and derision.

The project « Les 7 péchés du capitalisme » (“The 7 Sins of Capitalism”) also asks you to become an actor in the public space, to embellish it with engravings and prose, as so many moments of reflection on the sins committed by a system that tends to blame us…

If art has an impact on reality, it will therefore have to pass through us…

With :

  • Le Cabinet de curiosités économiques (The Cabinet of Economic Curiosities), a project by Le Laboratoire sauvage “Désorceler la Finance” (The Wild Laboratory “Désorceler la Finance”) presented by Camille Lamy and Amandine Faugère with, subject to confirmation, RYBN.ORG (FR), Paolo Woods and Gabrielle Galimberti (IT), Fabrice Sabatier (FR/BE), Aline Fares (FR/BE), Cléa Di Fabio (FR), Alexandra Arènes (FR), Mika Rottenberg (ARG), …
  • Les 7 péchés du capitalisme (The 7 Sins of Capitalism), a project by artists Camille Dufour (BE) and Rafaël Klepfisch (BE)

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