Admission tickets


The Covid-19 crisis has financially impacted many people and spared others. Those who have suffered the most do not necessarily fit into the usual categories of full fare and reduced fare.

This is why we have decided to offer, at the discretion of everyone, three different PASS, which give you access to the two main exhibition venues at La Menuiserie and ex-DECATHLON (valid for one day only) :

5€ – I accept a helping hand

10€ – basic rate

15€ – I give a hand

You will not be asked for any justification. You choose one of the three rates according to your current resources.

Other PASS fares :

Art. 27: 1,25€.

Children and teenagers (under 16 years of age, on presentation of identity card): free of charge.

As the number of people is limited per location, reservations (link available soon) are strongly recommended. Nevertheless, if the gauges allow it, we can also welcome you without reservation.

Events and other exhibitions are, unless otherwise stated, free of charge.

Visit the exhibitions and events pages for more information.