Beata Szparagowska

17.10.2020 – Rituel radio-actif


As part of the Cabinet of Economic Curiosities

A program hosted by : Emmanuelle and Vincent Matyn of the Collectif Désorceler la Finance.

Halfway between a magical ritual, a radio performance and an act of resistance, the radioactive Ritual of financial disenfranchisement initiates the metamorphosis of our relationship to the capitalist model. The public is led to cut the link we have with finance and its hold on our lives. This rite of passage is based on collective intelligence, opens up the imagination and gives the power to bring out alternatives to power and the economy.

With the musical participation of GAML :
GAML brings together people from Brussels around a metallophone music between bewitching casserollade and magical percussive ensemble. The special feature of GAML is the instruments used: used pots and pans. Punctuated by the heavy sound of an authentic gong, the rhythms of old cooking vessels, from dented tin bowls to old-fashioned pots with dull enamel, bewitch their audience to the point of trance.
Members of the group present :  Arthur Lacomme, Alice Conquand, Amandine Faugère, Maxime Lacôme, Suzie Suptille.

Sa. 17 October, 19:00
Ex-DECATHLON (Rue Féronstrée, 84 – 4000 Liège)

Max. 40 persons
Free of charge, on reservation