Victor Micoud

Born in the vicinity of Disneyland Paris, Victor Micoud (France, 1987) was fed by the confusion between the decor of a magical world and the creation of an urban space. After graduating from business school, he kept this economic outlook in the analysis and questioning that he has of the territories he addresses. Through photography, he searches for the aberrations and the ghosts of our excesses, in order to reveal the deep issues that mark the development of our societies and to question the viewer about his environment.



“The project Excédent is a story of excess, greed and waste. I started this project in March 2017 along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. I am trying to show the remains of the real estate crisis that affected the country. In the early 2000s, the real estate market was considered the main lever of the Spanish “economic miracle”. But the 2008 crisis reminded us that miracles do not exist, this real estate “boom” being the result of speculative tendencies, political irresponsibilities and corruption.
Many people were chased away from homes that have become too expensive for them, and many other buildings have been left abandoned. In 2016, there were more than 340,000 empty houses on the territory, houses that had never been occupied before.
Therefore, I focused my attention on these abandoned constructions that are like scars in the landscape, the stigma of a struggle between a territory and a financial frenzy disconnected from reality. ”