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BIP 2016 / B9

Emmanuel Van der Auwera / BIP 2016 / LE MANÈGE



10th edition of BIP, 1st Biennial of the Possible Image.


In a world where the visual in all its forms plays a central role in our relationship to others and to society, the Possible Image is a new name that aims to explore the issues and the current events of this “image-becoming” of the world.

With incessant technological developments, the hybridization of artistic disciplines and the massive presence of images and screens in everyday life, image regimes are increasingly porous towards each other and circulate across territories (artistic, cultural, media, intimate, etc.).

Many artists now choose a medium because it is appropriate to their purpose, moving happily from photo to video, via object, pictorial, installation, mapping, even holograms or performance.

This evolution now places photography, like other media, in networks in which the hybridity and permeability of borders, statuses and genres prove decisive.

BIP as Biennial of the Possible Image would like to bear witness, for this and the following editions, to this vast problem of the (im)power of the image in the 20th and especially in the 21st century.

The Possible Image now replaces the traditional theme. The prospective dimension of the “possible”, even its resonance of hope, will lead us towards mixed and heterogeneous visual proposals. BIP defends an art that takes the risk of other arts, that questions them, influences them and allows itself to be contaminated in return. After having worked for many years around various themes (Territory, Control, Love, Belief,…), BIP is now moving towards a freer and more open exploration of the visual field, ever more mixed, blended, ever richer in impurities.

Videos, films, photographs, projections, new media and installations are presented in combination and deploy the possible forms and various statuses of the analog or digital image, fixed or moving, triturate it, explore it, overturn it or restore it. Outside of these regimes and manifestations of composite images, it appears that the image has perhaps never been as “possible” as it is today…


BIP 2016 / Installation Views