Emmanuelle Nsunda

03.10.2020 – Rendez-vous de la pleine lune


As part of the Cabinet of Economic Curiosities


How do racialized artists appropriate the question of the next world in view of their past and present relationships with cultural institutions? This is the question that will be the subject of the performance by the artist Fallon (based in Paris and Lisbon) and Emmanuelle Nsunda (cultural events producer and decolonial activist, founder of the project “Afrofeminism in progress”).


Capitalism and the financial apparatus were built on colonialism, slavery, racism, oppression of women and racialized people, destruction of land and life. At the intersections of these multi-centennial exploitations, stories, struggles, imaginaries carried by the heiresses of this history could turn this world upside down.
Les Rendez-vous de la pleine lune are moments of meeting, discussion, sharing of experiences, experiments at the initiative of the Laboratoire Désorceler la finance or its friends and open to all. This Saturday, October 3, as part of the exhibition “Cabinet of Economic Curiosities”, the lab gives carte blanche to Emmanuelle Nsunda and Fallon, with the support of the Voix de Femmes festival.


Black Narratives 

The lecture-performance is a presentation of works in the form of various poetical narratives (video, poetry, music, performance, etc). Artistic works that are within a logic of counter-representation, and that lead us to question the hegemonic ways of production. It is dialogue for those who produce art about their specific racial and ethnic realities and experiences. The lecture-performance address the multiple and interstices between artistic and media expressions of the Black population. Understand these practices as spaces of creating visibility for black histories, experiences, culture and antiracism, spaces so that productions can be seen with their processes as forms of knowledge and strategies of social transformation.


Sa. 3 October, 19:30
Ex-DECATHLON (Rue Féronstrée, 84 – 4000 Liège)

Max. 40 persons
Free of charge

With support from the CNCD 11.11.11