© « ça va changer », Clara Thomine, MAAC, Bruxelles, 2020

Clara Thomine

Clara Thomine (Nancy, 1990) invents or provokes “almost normal” situations. But not quite. She does this in films, performances or through plastic art productions.

Reporter of plausible pretences, maker or manipulator of objects that are not in their place, she instills in reality a part of fiction. All her work then consists of blurring the tracks, or even denying with great candour the contradictions that might appear. Every time, her sincerity convinces us as much as she asks us questions.

It is always the performance that is the starting point and the creative regime of her films. Improvising in front of the camera, she has produced many “unpredictable chronicles”, unpredictable even for herself, because each time it’s the situation that generates improvisation, which itself modifies the situation.

What does she invite us to do in these situations? At the same time, to share her enthusiasm in the first degree and, of course, to seek a second degree. But she makes sure that all the readings can coexist. And it is indeed the pursuit of this ambiguity – often jubilant – that is the real driving force behind her work.