Laboratoire de l'Image Possible


04/03 - 16/04/2022

From 4 March to 16 April 2022, around everything that the prefix TRANS* opens up, the BIP team will be in residence and will initiate a cooperative and forward-looking project with a view to defining the issues at stake in the next Biennial of the Possible Image BIP2023**. The BIP team is taking over the exhibition space of the Liège Cultural Centre – Les Chiroux to welcome and take the pulse of contemporary visual creation. BIP is attempting to map out the questions and forms that currently run through it. This reflection takes the form of an evolving laboratory to which you are invited and which we will build with the images, texts, testimonies, ideas and projects that will be proposed to us and between which we will try to weave links.

In concrete terms, we invite visual artists, curators, art collectives and associations from Belgium and abroad to present us (on site or online) with recent or ongoing research and projects that they wish or agree to confront with various comments and connections. The infrastructure of the Laboratory of the Possible Image, in constant transformation, allows us to select, print, display and relate reflections, images, tracks, themes or aesthetics and to try to extract the lines of force of BIP2023. A moment of presentation of the results will be organised at the end.

If you have projects or research and you would like to see them contribute to this laboratory, come and see us during our office hours or ask for an appointment via And don’t hesitate to pass on this email to others who might be interested.

*A prefix that gives the meaning of going from here to there, going through, going beyond, being beyond : TRANSmission, TRANSition, TRANSaction, TRANSversality, TRANSidentity, TRANSforming, TRANSgenerational, TRANSparency, TRANScoding, TRANSplanting, …

**You read that right: BIP has been postponed by one year and will not take place in an even year, as traditionally, but in 2023.


Practical information :

The Laboratory of the Possible Image runs from 4 March to 16 April.

Friday 4 March, from 5pm to 8pm: launch of the Laboratory of the Possible Image with an aperitif and free workshops (bring your files, prints, texts, etc. if you wish; we will provide you with a printer, computer and scanner, moodboard, flipchart, a selection of books and other small production materials).

Meet the team in the lab every Tuesday from 10am to 5pm (no appointment necessary) or by appointment by writing to us (

Upcoming events: follow us on Facebook and Instagram.