© Alice PALLOT, L'Ile Himero, 2018

© Alice Pallot, Blue glove, experiment, l’Ile Himero, 2018

© Alice Pallot, Volcanic eruption, l’Ile Himero, 2018


In an era when natural resources are running out, we have everything to learn from the plant world, on which human survival and our future depend.

In 2018, Alice Pallot conducted a project on two active volcanoes, in Vulcano and in Stromboli, in collaboration with scientists and inhabitants of the region. For a number of them, the volcanic eruptions are related to divine interventions. This project culminated in a photographic series L’Île Himero (Himero Island).

For hundreds of years, people and scientists have looked to understand how and why the elements of a volcano change when it starts erupting. Despite scientific progress, certain volcanic eruptions remain unpredictable…

“I made this series following a meeting with a volcanologist born on the Island of Stromboli that has an unconditional link with the volcano. In these images I combine anecdotes and scientific facts to give a new perspective on volcanoes. Through an almost supernatural journey, I retrace the experience I lived. I therefore am gradually inviting the spectator into the perimeter of the volcano on Himero Island, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.” (Alice Pallot)

Through a colourful and mysterious aesthetic, the spectator is drawn into a parallel universe inspired by reality: plants having evolved differently due to the fertile earth of the volcanoes, a mouth spitting sulfur crystals at a very high temperature, molluscs found on the black and sparkling sand of the volcano.


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