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L’éponge et l’huître (The Sponge and The Oyster) or what to do with the dirt that runs through us? That's the question Dominique Roodthooft asked herself (long before the Covid 19 !) as she felt she was gradually becoming like a sponge swollen with "all the evils of the world" which she could no longer disgorge...

From the metaphor of the sponge and the oyster (which in reality are both filtering animals), different creators will be asked by the creative house le CORRIDOR to question and artistically activate this concept of filtering: what do we pay attention to? What do we choose to keep, eliminate or ignore in what passes through us? Am I rather a fishing net that catches only what it likes? A water treatment plant that blocks what it doesn’t like? Or a filter that lets things flow through while trying to bend them towards anything that promotes life?

By commissioning these creations, le CORRIDOR also wishes to give artists the opportunity to get back to work after the confinement that has paralysed the cultural world. Within the framework of BIP2020, which questions the impact of art on reality, these creations will be presented in the form of a guided tour: images, films and living art will intermingle, accompanied by two participative workshops, allowing the public to make their way through a philosophical and poetic journey.

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