BIP is back to occupy an extraordinary venue:
The former Chiroux library,
7000 m² of disused spaces in the heart of the city.
A ghost ship, a deserted and grandiose vessel,
MUTANTX spaces ready to be re-occupied and re-enchanted.
BIP is back collectively:
More than 50 Belgian and international artists.
More than 10 partner projects.
A community of curators and cultural organisations,
coming together to create an artistic MUTANTX biotope.
BIP comes back and transforms (itself):
To be a MUTANTX is to have the capacity to take action on a territory and on the present.
By coming forward, the MUTANTX assert the possibility of change.
The image of a MUTANTX is one of diversity, mixity and inclusion.
We’re all a bit MUTANTX.
That’s why the MUTANTX are a source for hope.