"Threats to the survival of humanity and life on earth are predicted in the more or less near future"... What if we had 90 minutes to change the world?

BIP2020 and the Cultural Centre of Liège – Les Chiroux invite you to take part in the RETOUR SUR TERRE adventure.

RETOUR SUR TERRE is a call for images open to all, workshops on expression and image creation with a group of inhabitants, two interactive exhibitions and a show in the form of a role-playing game in which the public is the hero.

What are the signs of the end of the world and of renewal? What are the symptoms of the current crises and our resources to face them? How can we bear witness to the transformations of the world through images? What signs of change can we observe in our immediate environment?…. Geneviève Wendelski (storyteller) and Maïlis Snoeck (photographer) invite the public to ask themselves these questions during the different facets of the project. The answer lies in the creation and scriptwriting of images, real or fictitious.

The project takes place in two stages, the first at the Menuiserie during BIP, devoted to images, and the second at Les Chiroux, in February 2021, dedicated to the presentation of an exhibition-show inspired by the images produced during BIP.

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The project is part of the “Quartiers Sensibles” operation at the Les Chiroux Cultural Centre. In collaboration with Les Champs des Possibles

In partnership with La coordination socio-culturelle de Sainte-Marguerite, La Baraka, the Maison Intergénérationnelle Sainte-Marguerite, Le Groupe d’Action sociale et scolaire (GASS), La Marguerite, the Club André Baillon and the Centre Liégeois d’Aide aux Jeunes (CLAJ).




A call for images – open to all: “What do the transformations of the world look like? »

Send us photographs that tell the story of the changes involved in the end of a world and/or its renewal. It can be an image from the real or the imaginary. You may have observed signs of the “next world(s)”, of what is coming to an end, or even experimented with “means of change”, bringing resolutions and a more favourable future?

Your images will feed into the exhibition space during BIP2020 (at the Mensuiserie) and will be used as material for the creation of the role-playing exhibition in February 2021.

To participate, find the explanatory flyer here.


All the image materials collected will be used as the basis for the writing of the game show and the interactive exhibition that will be performed at the Centre culturel des Chiroux in February 2021.


An exhibition and creation space - BIP2020

An exhibition and creation space

BIP offers a space for research and the creation of images, RETURN TO EARTH, around the symptoms of current crises and our resources for dealing with them. The public is invited to propose its representations of “what is being transformed” and “what is coming to an end”, by imagining and creating possible scenarios and questioning referential visuals. A large-format map of an imaginary city, intended for all visitors to the exhibition, collects these images and reflections.


All the image and script materials collected during BIP will serve as the basis for the writing of the play and the interactive exhibition that will be performed at the Centre culturel des Chiroux in February 2021.

Creative workshops with a neighbourhood group - BIP 2020

Workshops on image creation and scriptwriting – with a group of inhabitants of the Sainte-Marguerite district at the Menuiserie.

In partnership with the associations of the Sainte-Marguerite district of Liège, the artists Maïlis Snoeck and Geneviève Wendelski accompany an intergenerational group of inhabitants who are invited to take up the theme and the exhibition space RETOUR SUR TERRE. They express in images and draft scenarios the signs of endings and revivals that they perceive in their immediate environment. Through their sensitive gaze, they bring out new possible local perspectives linked to global issues.


All the image and script materials collected during BIP will serve as the basis for the writing of the play and the interactive exhibition that will be performed at the Centre culturel des Chiroux in February 2021.


An exhibition and a game show - CHIROUX 2021

An exhibition and a game show

RETOUR SUR TERRE is initiated by storyteller Geneviève Wendelski. Her show will take place in a space of images (coming from the call for images and workshops during BIP) set up by Maïlis Snoeck with the participation of Marc Wendelski.

Like a role play, the audience is invited to a show in which they are the hero. A worldwide scourge is drawn at random and one disaster follows another. The spectators choose, like the heroes of the story, how to transform this situation into an opportunity: how to organise themselves locally to survive, and even live better than before? Thanks to surprising game proposals that free the imagination, a new story of the future is told together with the storyteller!

The tension is present because the audience only has 90 minutes (the time of the show) to come up with concrete solutions that will (perhaps) allow humanity and the planet to survive.



The Artists

Geneviève Wendelski

Geneviève Wendelski pursues her artistic career between the stage and unusual spaces, training for professionals and creative workshops. She is a member of the Federation of Professional Storytellers of Belgium. Her aim is to make the audience experience a real virtual (sometimes even sensory) plunge, where reality and fiction intertwine until sometimes they no longer perceive their borders, to offer everyone the openness of heart necessary to experience the famous phrase “they didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it”. Psychologist, anthropologist and nature facilitator, she also runs storytelling, writing and creation workshops in a natural environment with audiences of all ages.


Maïlis Snoeck

Maïlis Snoeck développe sa pratique par sa sensibilité du terrain et travaille depuis 10ans dans l’image, la communication et l’animation. Fascinée par « le vivre et agir ensemble », elle s’implique volontiers parmi des collectifs socioculturels, préférant les processus intimes d’immersion aux mises à disposition distantes comme « commanditaire ». Elle a d’abord participé à produire des traces du vécu et des réalisations d’artistes du milieu des Arts Vivants. Prétextes à découvrir et à s’ouvrir aux autres, elle continue de remettre en questions sa pratique photographique et l’investit aux côtés de luttes sociales et environnementales. Elle a participé à de nombreux projets socioculturels en Belgique comme en France, organisé différentes expositions et cherche à transmettre son expérience auprès de publics adolescents.