© « ça va changer », Clara Thomine, MAAC, Bruxelles, 2020

CANCELLED – 22.10.2020 – “ça va changer”

This conference is the result of an investigation. A rigorous survey that provides fairly solid answers to a number of legitimate questions .

lecture-performance by Clara Thomine (a RAVI proposal)

For example: Is it possible to enter into telepathic communication with Greta Thunberg? Is it possible to think with mirrors? What is albedo? Why is the truth at the bottom of the well (naked, too)? What does the character in Munch’s Cry think about when people stand in front of him, turning their backs on him and imitating him, to make a “humorous” selfie with him? What is the carbon footprint of Art with a capital A? And what kind of film can you make with a camera made out of plaster ?

The investigator – the lecturer – offers the audience, in addition to an elegant setting consisting of a table, a chair and a screen, a detailed and perfectly coherent account of her investigation, as well as video images and even some mental experiments carried out live with this same audience.

Finally, this lecture avoids the pitfall of many lectures, the one that inevitably causes boredom: the subject of the lecture. However, it manages, like a canoe on the rocks of a torrent, to skim the dark mass of some of the cardinal problems of our time. With what canoes sometimes lack, a touch of humour.