© Leslie Xhoffray

© Isabelle Balthazar

© Dominique Baudart

© Steěphanie Jerosme

Traces Galerie

White card on Black background

Dominique Baudart / Isabelle Balthazar / Vianette Halflants / Stéphanie Jerosme / Leslie Xhoffray

9/10/2020 > 25/10/2020


White card on Black background

For its new project, the “Vendredi 13 collective” decided to offer itself a free theme while standardizing itself with two-colour.

From black to white or from white to black, shades of grey are printed. And it is with great pleasure that the V13 collective is pleased to present its new project, which is mainly poetic.

The hands who play,

The cactus who sting,

The curves who dance,

The faces who wonder,

The fumes who envelop,


White card on Black background is a journey that will inevitably take you down the path of the imagination.



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