Sortez couverts!  - Le social se dévoile

Motorium Saroléa

Go out covered! - The social is being revealed

Social bond professions put to the test during confinement

25/09/2020 > 30/10/2020


On the evening of March 17th, 2020, we, mental health workers, rehabilitation workers, carers for
people with disabilities and socio-educational workers, became aware of the lockdown and the forced
shutdown of our activities.

Questions assail us. How do we maintain the social bond, when deprived of physical contact? How
can we provide care, as a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, rehabilitation worker, integration
agent, when the representation that we traditionally have in our jobs is made impossible? How can we
bring human contact back to the center of our concerns when human contact condemns us to disease?
Quickly, the mask imposed itself on our conscious as the double symbol of the possible continuation
of our actions: the materialization of the authorization of contacts on the one hand and on the other
hand the object around which workers and people in demand of help can come together to make sense
of the unthinkable isolation.

It was all thought of: no one would have to tolerate seclusion, everyone would have a mask, so we
would make masks!

Workers and people in need of help, children, adults, seniors, more and less able-bodied, we have all
united to cut, assemble, sew, collect, and deliver masks, and in doing so, allowing the most isolated to
feel a little less.

In our heads, the representations, the images we have of ourselves and of others, had to adapt. You
who would usually ask me for help, today you can teach me; while I am expected to reassure, today I
doubt you and will let you know about it; I have no manual skills and here I am engaged in sewing
activities; I exercise my function as a psychologist by making bicycle deliveries.

Because we have accepted that these crazy ideas are in our heads, because we refused to think they
were too crazy to break into our reality, « Go out covered! " exists. Bringing together around 150
volunteers has made it possible to donate more than 8,000 masks to around 100 social associations.

From our thoughts to your faces, the masks have had a wonderful journey, the whole story of which is
to be shared through testimonials photos, videos, writings and installations of unusable masks.

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