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Jean Janssis

24/09/2020 >21/11/2020

Art Studio gallery announces the prolongation of the exhibition of Jean Janssis, photographer and specialist in bichromate gum.

Informal meeting with the artist on October 24th between 4pm and 6pm (in compliance with the health rules in force).

Exhibition prolonged until Saturday 21 November 2020.


Jean Janssis is a Belgian photographer recognized in Europe and the United States. He explores and probes human soul, wonders about the nature of feelings, emotions, youth, Beauty, time passing… His works cause a disturbing effect of matter and accentuate the almost palpable relationships between light and shadow. Its bichromate gums have a singular and voluptuous sensuality. With his particular process, Jean Janssis reinvents body to body between image and matter. His works complete the Belgian, Swiss, French and Italian museum collections.


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