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Galerie Cell 10b – expo 1

Chuong LE QUAN

19/09/2020 > 25/10/2020

Images survirtualistes


The digital age has changed the nature of contemporary photography. Photoshop now makes digital collages whose apparent realism is a formidable tool to make montages of photographs, documentaries and testimonies of social and cultural life of our city even more magical and disturbing.

Chuong’s attentive eye lets no magic moment escape without claiming to base his art on the hazards of life and resorting to staging when an image becomes clear in his imagination.

“In my childhood, in Vietnam, when it was very hot, in the garden lying in a hammock with my head up to the sky, I observed the movement of the clouds which created random shapes rich in figures, imagining the history of these hooded drawings .

In Belgium, country of the surrealists, I become “survirtualist” with the technology of the numbers and the virtual world. I do not reproduce what I see but what my mind wants to imagine in relation to my vision of the world, diverting images and juggling with words.

In reporting, in the era of analog photography or in our digital age, the important thing is not the process but the digital moment when the finger releases the button. The magic moment that fixes a moment in our life for eternity.

The embarrassment of choosing an image from a multitude of shots is intense.

Why would an image one day become an icon?”

Chuong LE QUAN


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