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Gelluck Mickeyrisé

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Galerie Cell 10b – expo 2

Chuong LE QUAN / Jocelyne CHAINEUX / Michèle MAQUET / Michel CLAIR

08/10/2020 > 25/10/2020

Visages survirtualistes & work shop de Mickeyrisation


“There’s more false than false, it’s the mixture of the true and the false” Paul Valery

Whether it is through the news or through the daily realities, we are in or out of reality or at the crossroads of reality . True or false? It doesn’t matter, since fiction surpasses reality, everything combines in a true alchemy of the image.

The imaginary and the symbolic clash, but isn’t the symbolic somewhere more real than the real? And isn’t the real more than the sum of all our little realities?


Michèle Maquet treated window mannequins with strangeness like fashion photos, disturbing, which imitate a certain reality?

In the cities, people wander around, come and go, their faces meet, their furtive glances move. Sometimes they even see without looking…Fashion, posters, advertisements and life mix in their minds…do they become automatons? Who are these women highlighted in shop displays between reality and unreality?

After studying photography in Liège, Michèle became interested in film techniques and more particularly in the profession of editor. She followed courses at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Brussels where she was a professor of editing in the same establishment. She has edited a wide variety of films: short and feature films, animated films, industrial films, documentaries and commercials.

These long years of looking at a large number of shots have taught her the impact of an image and have made her live very closely the emotions that the image provokes. The advent of digital technology has reinforced her in the idea of making personal images that she can once again crush herself in her digital darkroom.


With the happy complicity of her faithful Mickey, Chuong Le Quan has also tackled a strange revisitation of the art of portraiture. He gives us to see anonymous faces, happy to respect their shyness, but who, sharing with him his dreamlike deliriums, nevertheless reveal a part of their character by the very personal way they brandish the miraculous figurine intended to hide the glance and to focus our attention on the position of their hands.


Jocelyne Chaineux graduated from the Beaux Arts in 1981, and devotes herself to drawing, painting, graphic design, web design and photography. Her contemplative gaze testifies for her to the “living” character of moments of happiness.

Originally from Battice, in Liège by adoption, she has been visiting cultural and associative events for many years in the Cité Ardente. She has exhibited there on many occasions, alone or in collective events. You can find Jocelyne on her website and discover her festive universe on



Michel Clair is a city-dweller from a small village in the Ardennes, a teenager in his sixties, a desperate optimist, a tender provocateur. He is also a photographer with a risky equipment whose real camera is his singular gaze. The ladies will tell you that this gaze is blue and they will be right in every sense of the word: both as the blues of rainy days and as the azure of a singing tomorrow. »

Jacques Duvall in ” Shoot “, Home Frit’ Home editions, 2017



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