Tif ‘ audioguide

“Tiphaine Montès”, known as Tif la Mouche, also known as Tif’


In a futuro-humoristic tone, the audio guide of the Cabinet de Curiosités Économique invites visitors to dive right into the after world through an audio-guided tour of the exhibition.

Follow your guide “Tiphaine Montès, known as Tif la Mouche, also known as Tif‘ at the 3 listening points, corresponding to the 3 chapters, which will punctuate the route.

You can also listen to each chapter while walking around with your smartphone, via a QR code to scan. Bring your headphones!



Chapter 1  –  “Sur les ruines du capitalisme”

Chapter 2  –  “Comment le capitalisme tomba en désuétude”

Chapter 3  –  “Vers nos présents désirables”


Audio guide – excerpt

[..] There was no better place than this late capitalist building to house the Museum of Late Capitalism, in which you find yourself today. Besides the historical interest of the shopping center itself, the museum stands in the middle of an archaeological site very rich in period artefacts. In January 2142, nearly a century after the fall of late capitalism, a small team was formed to create this space. The space has managed to assemble an exceptional collection of 32,273 period artefacts from historians, capitalistologists and collectors from all continents. It was shortly after that I arrived. Me, it’s Tiphaine Montès, called Tif la Mouche, also called Tif. I’m in charge of the museum of late capitalism, in charge of guided tours, indecipherable archives and old things unearthed. I’ve been preparing this audioguide for a long time and plan to talk about quite a few artifacts during the tour. 32 273 exactly, if you have a little time in front of you. [..]


Credits: An Audio-Guided Fiction, written by Théo Bourgeron, voiced by Alix Denambride, edited and mixed by Madame Patate & Vincent Matyn, and directed by Camille Lamy & Amandine Faugère. Produced by Désorceler la Finance, 2020


(Total duration: approx 30 min)