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David Widart

In 2012, David Widart began a long term project in analog color photography. He is currently on his 492nd film, which is his 17712th photo...

David Widart has always been interested in archives and memory. This is what led him to become a self-taught photographer.

A keen traveller, he is interested in what is in transition (urban landscapes; communities and in particular the alternative music scenes that he frequents; his own work; his person and the people around him).

In the course of his travels, he archives contexts and people. He sees each of these elements as “time sculptures”, pieces of life that contain within them an accumulation of experiences, changes and stories.

The addition of these “time sculptures” does not really create a series but rather a “body of work”, a whole that is in movement and is transformed in chronology, in successive shootings, year after year.

His photographs write a diary where the most important thing is the ordinary, life being lived, pure time, the dynamic coexistence of details, styles and presences.

David Widart is not interested in the “beautiful photo”, the clean, controlled or mastered photo. What he pursues is the collection of moments to be chemically inscribed on the film, like a long unfolding of life, constantly in motion but unalterable once it has passed…