© Alice Pallot, Blue glove, experiment, l’Ile Himero, 2018

© Alice Pallot, Foam ruins _ Lemna - Limnobium - Cabomba – Vallisneria, 2019

© Alice PALLOT, L'Ile Himero, 2018

© Alice Pallot, Oasis, 2019

Alice Pallot

Alice Pallot (Paris, 1995) is a French photographer working in Paris and Brussels. Her work questions the links that are woven between science and the natural environment that is in constant mutation as well as the ambiguity of our relationship with it.

In her work, Alice Pallot seeks to open up new perspectives. It is through photography that one could almost qualify as mystical that she raises questions intrinsically linked to our time. As she continues to search from expedition to experimentation, Alice Pallot’s photographs become witnesses of a new and future era.